PipeDreams loudspeakers are a unique line source that works, without compromise, to take you beyond mere musical accuracy and into the realm of the complete musical experience.

PipeDreams represent a seamless and comprehensive synthesis of the strengths of a variety of designs: point source, electrostatic, planar - without their respective limitations. PipeDreams provides the highest level of performance in all aspects of music reproduction; the experience of space, dynamics, correct tonal balance, timing sequences, coherence, and absence of frequency or temporal distortion.

This is a world of dynamic timbral linearity. Dynamic range is identical at all operating frequencies so that the dynamic impact of stick to bell or hammer to string is delivered with the same lifelike power as that of mallet to tympani. Better still, dynamics throughout the musical spectrum can be delivered simultaneously and in perfect time with each other - just like they are in a live performance.

At any frequency in the operating range PipeDreams is indistinguishable from a live musical experience. Yet the motion of the individual drivers is so miniscule and so well controlled that coloration, distortion, and compression are virtually non-existent. These qualities give PipeDreams the most palpable images and realistic soundspace of any speaker system in the world.

Learn more about PipeDeams in this featurette.