To learn how to play the acoustic guitar, you must first familiarize yourself with the anatomy of your instrument. You must be able to name all the parts of the guitar. Then, you will have to learn how to hold your guitar.

Acoustic Guitar

Pay attention to your sitting position

You can sit on a couch but not too far down as it would limit your ability to move and make it difficult to hold the guitar in the right position. This is particularly if you are using a large dreadnought or jumbo guitar. Try to sit near the brim.

Avoid sitting on a chair with arms as this also limits your movement and encourages you to keep your left elbow inserted into your torso, which is extremely uncomfortable. The left arm must be completely free of obstacles and have freedom of movement. Your knees should be bent at 90 degrees or angled slightly towards you. Both arms should move freely.

It is not necessary that you become a violin maker to play the guitar but it is certainly better to know at least the main components of the instrument. When it comes to the keyboard, each key represents a different note on the different strings. Learning the notes on the keyboard is a bit more complicated than the piano, but the good news is that at the beginning it is not essential to know the notes you play. On the guitar, you mainly use chord fingerings and scales.

Allow the strings to be suspended on the keyboard. The pegs and the mechanics on the pallet ensure they are well fixed.

Handle the agreements properly

Agreements are a set of notes that produce a specific tone. These must be handled properly to achieve the desired sound. Use your fingertips to press the strings and not the strand. This way you can press a string making sure not to touch the other strings and get a cleaner sound. The notes must be played within the key shortly before the markers.

Ensure that you get a good clean sound from every single note. The thumb must press lightly towards the center of the back of the keyboard. This allows you to give more space to the other fingers to move and press the chords.

The guitar offers an almost infinite number of chord fingerings but the first chords that every guitarist must know are open chords. These chords are not only the simplest to play on the guitar, but they are also impressive and are widely used by professionals as well.

Develop a good sense of rhythm

Once you have learned the first chords and you can quickly change between them, you need to start focusing on the rhythm. Developing a good sense of rhythm is essential for any musician who wants to produce feeling to the song he is playing. The first step is to have a good sense of the beat.

Every beat has a specific task. In a 4/4 beat, the first beat (sometimes even the third) is mainly used for chord changes. On the second and fourth, you have in many musical genres the strongest accent (accentuated by the snare of the battery). When you play, you have to consider these aspects if we want to emulate effectively what happens in the rhythm section of a band and give the right groove to the piece.

Get used to picking the plectrum from the beginning. For some, it may be strange and not natural but it is enough to get used to discovering the advantages of using a plectrum. Obviously, if you want to get more intimate sounds, no one forbids you from using your fingers but this must be a sound choice and not a technical limitation.

Additional considerations

The advantage of the guitar is that it is an inexpensive instrument and you can have fun quickly. The majority of guitarists start alone in learning the guitar. It is quite possible to learn the guitar alone but you must be autonomous, motivated and diligent. By learning the guitar alone, you will also have to watch videos on the internet and find ebooks. Nothing prevents you from taking some particular lessons.

The advantage of learning to play the guitar with a teacher is that you will immediately have the right advice. To find a guitar teacher there are two solutions: Join a music school or find a teacher who gives private lessons. In both cases, it is a significant financial investment.